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Grand Slams - Last 12 Months

Gai Ritchie / Rosemary Pitt7SX EMONDAY (12-FEB-24)12-FEB-24Show board
Mardi Svensson / Rob Ward7H W2023 PAIRS CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL (9-SEP-23)9-SEP-23Show board
Anna Zaranski / Robyn McGain7S WSATURDAY (8-JUL-23)8-JUL-23Show board
Tony Lye / Stephen Brabyn7NT WMONDAY (5-JUN-23)5-JUN-23Show board
Carey Thomas / Helen McCathie7S WMONDAY (24-APR-23)24-APR-23Show board
Marina Beaumont / Chris Bayliss7S EMONDAY (24-APR-23)24-APR-23Show board

This list excludes sessions containing the words 'supervised', 'help with' or 'lesson'.