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70 Percenters - Last 12 Months

Chris BaylissLynleigh Evans75.8% SATURDAY (21-OCT-23)21-OCT-23
Mardi SvenssonRakesh Kumar75.5% MONDAY (11-MAR-24)11-MAR-24
Stephen BrabynTony Lye73.8% MONDAY (11-DEC-23)11-DEC-23
Mardi SvenssonRakesh Kumar72.0% SATURDAY (3-JUN-23)3-JUN-23
Jenny MichaelRakesh Kumar71.4% MONDAY (16-OCT-23)16-OCT-23
Brad BartholomewPat Fulton71.2% MONDAY MORNING (31-JUL-23)31-JUL-23
Mardi SvenssonRakesh Kumar71.2% MONDAY (22-JAN-24)22-JAN-24
Rakesh KumarLynleigh Evans71.1% WEDNESDAY (20-MAR-24)20-MAR-24 
Robin EwingMartyn Mordy71.1% MONDAY (27-NOV-23)27-NOV-23
Martyn MordyStephen Brabyn70.8% WEDNESDAY (6-DEC-23)6-DEC-23
Mardi SvenssonStephen Brabyn70.8% WEDNESDAY (15-NOV-23)15-NOV-23
Paul McLeanStephen Brabyn70.6% WEDNESDAY (14-FEB-24)14-FEB-24
Mardi SvenssonRakesh Kumar70.4% MONDAY (14-AUG-23)14-AUG-23
Alison MinchinRobin Ewing70.3% SATURDAY (29-APR-23)29-APR-23
Chris LelliottChris Bayliss70.3% SATURDAY (20-MAY-23)20-MAY-23

This list excludes sessions containing the words 'supervised', 'help with' or 'lesson'.