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Members Page

This page provides news about members, the occasional member profile, and other snippets which may be of interest to members.


Profile - Sue Whyte

Here is Sue, answering a few questions.

When did you start playing Bridge and why?

I can’t remember exactly when I started but I started as I felt my brain needed exercise as well as all the muscles I used with the horses.

What aspects of the game do you find most challenging/rewarding?

Playing against players who have had more experience than I have had.
Rewarding- helping players who have had less experience than I have had.

What aspects of face-to-face club Bridge do you enjoy?

I enjoy face to face as it is more personal than looking at a screen.

Christmas is coming!

Can't you tell? Just look at your happy Committee members ...

The reason they're happy is that not only is Christmas getting closer, so is the re-opening of our bridge club!

Keep an eye on the website for an announcement about re-opening in the New Year. Meanwhile, keep smiling!!

Profile – Paul Bayley and Margaret King

SHBC has recently welcomed another crop of new members via U3A classes run by Judith Capps. Several have started playing in the Monday afternoon game: here we profile two of them.

Why did you decide to come to the U3A bridge classes?

We both wanted a challenge and both of us had been thinking about trying out bridge for quite a long time.

What is your goal in bridge?

Paul: To at least be competent ...
Margaret: To be a good partner!!

Playing in the Monday game is quite a change from supervised sessions: is there anything you like about it?

Margaret: Not yet .... it's scary!

(when Paul and Margaret were interviewed, it was only their second time playing on a Monday: we hope they won't be too scared for too long)

Kate at Admiral's Arch

A rare sighting of Chris in the water!

Seal near Admiral's Arch

Echidna on the KI Wilderness Trail

A friendly koala

The Pilgrims Walk On

Our now long-absent members Chris Bayliss and Kate Chown have recently returned from yet another walking tour, this time visiting Kangaroo Island in South Australia. They walked the 65 km (!) Wilderness Trail.

This is a very small selection of their photos from the walk - it does not include any of the amazing wildflowers they saw.

Chris reports that he was impressed by the speed with which the koala scurried off the road to clamber up a tree. And then it posed for them ...

Strengthen your partnership!

Both booklets by Rakesh Kumar are now available: each is an easy-to-read 44-page guide, with booklet 1 written especially for improving club players and booklet 2 for intermediate players.

Booklet 1 will help players to consolidate their grasp of the fundamentals of partnership bidding and defence. It covers hand evaluation, finding a fit, dealing with interference, thinking in defence etc.

Booklet 2 focuses on more accurate competitive and and slam bidding, as well as more effective defence. It includes discussion of a variety of useful bidding methods and worthwhile conventions, signalling methods etc.

Why not acquire a copy for yourself and another for your regular partner? Or copies of both! Booklets are $15 each and all proceeds will go to the building fund of the Southern Highlands Bridge Club.

To have a copy (or several) sent to you by mail, please email our Treasurer and provide your name and address. You will be sent confirmation and SHBC account details, so that you can deposit the appropriate amount (for a single booklet this will be $18 including postage) with your name as a reference. The booklet(s) will then be posted to you.

Risking life and limb on the summit of Mount Buller

Grand Canyon near Halls Gap

Scaly-backed (shingleback) lizard

The (Continuing) Progress of the Pilgrims

Here is an update on the walking tours that our well-loved members Chris Bayliss and Kate Chown are undertaking through 2019. They have just returned from walking in the hill country of Victoria.

These are photos they took at Mount Buller and in the Grampians.

Next, they plan to walk the south coast, from just north of Ulladulla to Batemans Bay, on beaches, through forests, on rock platforms and across headlands ...

Take Cover!

Mardi Svensson and Rob Ward featured on the cover of the February issue of Australian Bridge. They finished second in the Australia-Wide Restricted Pairs held in clubs across the country in October 2018. This earned Rob a sufficient number of masterpoints to terminate his career in Restricted events!

Interestingly, there was a photo of the winners of the event inside the magazine, but clearly the editor decided that this pair was the more photogenic and belonged on the front cover ...

Profile – Pat Fulton

Pat was elected our Treasurer at the Annual General Meeting in October 2018.

How long have you been playing bridge?

About three and a half years. My mother used to play bridge and I promised myself that I would eventually learn, so I went to lessons with Joan Power at Bowral.

What do you like most about bridge?

The social aspects of the game -- I have met some lovely people through playing bridge. I do have a couple of regular partners for Monday and Saturday at SHBC, but I often play with other partners as well.

You took on the responsibility of Treasurer at the last AGM. How do you feel about the role?

I enjoy it! I had been the Treasurer for the Friends of the Wingecarribee Animal Shelter before this, so I'm comfortable in the role.

Profile – Margaret Malcolm and Fiona Khoo

Many of our members don’t get to know all our regular Wednesday night players. So ... here's an opportunity to meet two Wednesday night enthusiasts.

How long have you been playing bridge?

More years than either of us care to remember! However, we are a relatively new partnership: we have only been playing together for about 18 months. We play most Wednesday nights.

What do you like most about bridge?

Fiona: It's challenging! And it's lots of fun. I like the social side of bridge too – all the people one meets.
Margaret: Every session of bridge is different and it's always interesting! I never get tired of it.

Profile – Wendy Wurfel and Elizabeth Varley

SHBC has welcomed a number of new members in 2018-19, several of whom have come to the club via "transition" classes given by Judith Capps. Here we profile two such new members.

How long have you been playing bridge?

We both took up the game in 2018. We went to lessons with Joan Power at Bowral.

Wendy: Then I came to Judith Capps' classes, which gave me the courage to try playing in club sessions.
Elizabeth: I thought I'd like to join her in the adventure, so we have been coming to Southern Highlands Bridge Club since last September and have become a regular Monday partnership.

What do you like most about bridge?

Wendy: The memory challenge! These days my life seems to be on my phone and I don't have to try to remember very much, but bridge makes me use my brain again.
Elizabeth: I love the challenge of the play of the cards. And if that's hard, then getting the bidding right is even harder!
Wendy: When you start bridge as a beginner, it doesn't matter what sort of successful professional background you might have come from, everyone is equal and struggling to the same extent.
Elizabeth: Yes, I think of bridge as "the humbling game"!

Contributions from our Members