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Entries List

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1Adele Brown / Helen Pearce  
2Margaret Elderfield / Lovdee Muller  
3Judith Capps / Kirsten Hartley  
4Rakesh Kumar / Jenny Michael  
5Craig Curry / David Weatherall  
6Alison Minchin / Anna Zaranski  
7Tony Lye / Steve Brabyn  
8Pat McGrath / Jeanie Van Eyk  
9Shuna Boyd / Eve Rossetto  
10Rosemary Pitt / Gai Ritchie  
11Paul Bayley / Margaret King  
12Maryanne Bawden / Adi Shroff  
13Kate K / Margaret H  
14Martyn / Robin  
15Margaret M / Judy M  
16Jenny M / Alan M  
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